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Sissies In Pantyhose Gallery

I got this in an email from a fellow Dominatrix:

"I have my sissy husband so well trained now that I no longer have to supervise his dressing. If I'm having company over, he knows to go right upstairs and put on his best pantyhose and little French maid uniform. It wasn't always like this, though, for the first years of our marriage he used to kick and scream when I tried to feminize him and get him to do his chores. A few good sessions with a bullwhip and studded strapon put an end to that naughty behavior I can tell you! Now the sweet dear takes a cock on command and does his house chores without having to be told. Yep, girls, get over the idea that the man runs the house, make your husband into a submissive sissy maid and all will be right in your domestic life!"

It's from a sissies in pantyhose gallery she posted and I think all femdom fans will enjoy it!

Mistress Marla

Posted: Monday 8th September 2008, 1:10 PM

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